Privacy Policy

Our company has created this Privacy Policy to show our commitment to protect your personal informations. During our regular service, we collect certain informations about you.

1. Information Collected During Your Use of Our Service

To be able to register, the user must provide some personal informations (eg. your name, your email), credentials (password and user name) and postal info (eg. your postal code). Some informations, such as your password and email are gathered to allow us to verify your identity when you login and also to add to our files for regular customer relations (eg. billing, invoices, etc.)

We never ask for any financial information (such as a credit card number) even when you use our services. Payments can be done by check or through the Paypal online payment service. Our company does not exchange any financial information with third parties unless these informations are necessary to provide a service that you specifically asked for.

2. Our Use of Your Information

We use your personal data (eg. email and name), asked at registration time, to send you information or to get in touch with you if need be. We could use your IP adress to protect us against fraud.

3. Our Release of Your Information

We do not use or share, in any case, personal informations that are provided to us online in any other ways than those described in the Privacy Policy. If it was not the case, you would always have the choice to accept or refuse this use of your personal information. Our company will never, intentionally, sell, rent or hand over any of your personal informations, or those of your company, to a third party.

4. Security

To optimize the protection of your personal information, our company makes sure to protect, the best it can, your data against the use or the alteration by unauthorized third parties. There are no transactions of sensitive data (eg. credit card numbers) on our site.

5. General

This Privacy Policy is part of, and is subject to, the Terms of Use of our services.

If you have any question about our Privacy Policy or about the practices of our company, please do not hesitate to contac us.