Where is the English version?

I have received a few comments from visitors asking where the English-language content is. For now most of the content is in French, and comments can be in any language. The reason is that we are all volunteers and we have found volunteers to write French-language content, but not yet English-language content.

If you or someone you know can volunteer to write something for the front page in English, and the Agissez (act now!) section, as well as translate the petition, I will post all the info ASAP and we will have a bilingual site!

Just contact me to let me know.

It's a shame that the City is

It's a shame that the City is protecting commercial interests instead of protecting green spaces for its citizens. When will our leaders start working for tax-payers instead of working for big business? We are in utmost need of our green spaces for recreational purposes and to stem off the dire effects of carbon monoxide.

View from a cricket player --

View from a cricket player -- I am extremely disappointed with the city of Montreal who is turning our beautiful city into a concrete jungle of sorts and neglecting to facilitate the healthy lifestyles that separate us from the rest of Canada and North America. Ville de Montreal you are destroying one of the remaining four cricket grounds on and around the island of Montreal. An area of peace, tranquility and greenery.

What are you doing to accommodate the growing numbers of cricketers on the island?

Over 10 000 new cricketers this year alone....

Well Nadia, 'When will our

Well Nadia, 'When will our leaders start working for tax-payers instead of working for big business?' The truth, never. Sorry, but until we as a community of taxpayers can get rid of politicians in office and elect actual citizens, green hasn't got a chance over concrete.

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